Features of the prototype

A prototype of OvaExpert  system is created as a research project. It aims to demonstrate the applicability of intelligent methods in the diagnosis and to establish cooperation with other research centers in the field of of tumor diagnostics.

The main capabilities of the prototype:

  • Prediction of a diagnosis – assessment of malignancy of the tumor and its intuitive graphical presentation.
  • Calculating known prognostic models, including models of IOTA group (International Ovarian Tumor Analysis Group) and RMI. (see references)
  • Benefiting from synergy of many prognostic models for effective forecasting in the absence of some diagnostic tests. The system achieves higher efficiency than the predictive any of the known models separately:

Efficacy diagram

  • Support physician in the diagnostic process by identifying further research, the execution of which may increase the likelihood of giving accurate diagnosis.
  • Standardization of the format for the patient, enabling the collection of data for scientific research.
  • Providing the history and visualization of the patient’s diagnostic process.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Convenient access via a Web browser, also on tablets and smartphones.

An example presentation diagnosis and history of diagnostics in the system OvaExpert:

OvaExpert system (1) OvaExpert system (2)

Currently, the system is in the design phase.